Healing Foods Grocery list

Healing Foods Grocery list


 So I finished reading this book called Healing Foods. It is a reference / recipe book that was an EXCELLENT READ for those who want to learn more about the healing properties that exist in many fruits and vegetables. As one of my professors always say “ People who live the longest in this world eat a plant-based diet, therefore it is very important that you eat your 6-13 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday”. So here is my grocery list that I created for a few of my friends and myself from the book. Now the tips beside the food items are my personal notes from reading, if you like you can do them as well. I plan to continue to practice this clean eating lifestyle on a daily basis.  As a naturalist, I truly believe that “ you are what you eat”.

My personal tips and daily goals :

  • Eat 6-13 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday
  • Lightly cook and season vegetables with herbs (basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley etc….) 
  • No processed food / snacks ( do not purchase or  consume anything that has a label) 
  • meal prep for the week
  • only drink  WATER, infused water, natural juices  
  • try to alternate between all the different fruits and veggies when shopping (don’t buy the same thing and don’t cook the same dish.. Switch it up! use pinterest, facebook, google, cook books… !)

Grocery list !


-Apple: go organic

-Apricots: (get dried/ if fresh seed inside stone is edible)



-plum/ prunes

-kiwi (skin is edible )

-figs ( since not in season get dried figs )

-cherries (pick sour over sweet / go organic )

-red grapes (get seeded and eat seeds / freeze grapes and eat as a snack  )

-blackberries ( eat at room temp and eat fresh ( soon as you buy them )

– blueberry (buy organic )

-cranberry ( make cranberry tea )

-elderberries ( turn into syrup / jam … is used to help fight the flu)

-strawberries ( go organic / buy in season )

-raspberries (go organic / buy fully ripe )






– dried dates ( healthy snack / buy fresh once in season )




-pomegranate (eat seeds )

-pineapple ( smell the bottom.. If it smells sweet then it is sweet) 

Veggies : 


-Broccoli (raw to light stem)

-Brussel sprout

-kale (light stem, squeeze lemon in pot)

-red peppers

-green and yellow peppers

– cucumber

-squash (eat seeds / buy organic/ butternut )

-yellow squash

-green zucchini




-green beans


-peas (buy  snow peas , sugar snap peas) ( eat raw straight from pod or light stem  )

-asparagus (buy in season feb-June /cook for only 3-5 minutes)


-Sweet potatoes (steam or boil them with cinnamon  / buy purple skin and flesh one if u see it)


Whole grains ( 50% of grain intake must be whole grain )


-brown rice

– whole wheat pasta

-whole wheat bread

-oats (make oatmeal : fruit, cinnamon, honey, vanilla extract, nutmeg , milk)

-whole wheat tortilla wrap

-whole grain cereals

-whole grain muffins




-pistachio nuts (keep cool, splash onto of yogurt )




-pine nuts


– sesame seeds (salad)

-sunflower seeds (snack)

-flax seeds (smoothie )

-Hemp seeds

-poppy seeds

-chia seeds (oatmeal/yogurt/ smoothie )

Dried beans : ( substitute meat for beans  twice a week for dinner ) (look up crock pot dishes)


-Black beans

-Lima bean

-Chick peas

-Kidney beans

Herbs & Roots : 

-rosemary ( make infused water ) 

-mint ( infused water) 




-turmeric ( make turmeric tea ) 

-ginger ( make ginger tea ) 

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