Garden Education Class

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3 Classes Available!!

-Explore the fascinating world of plants and unlock the secrets of successful gardening.
 -Learn from passionate a horticulturalist who is dedicated to nurturing your green potential.
-Get your hands dirty and build real gardening skills through interactive classes. Classes are available at Healing Hipster Farm or Let us come to you!

1. Fall Garden Workshop !        $30         

-Seed Starting: learn how to start various types of seeds.

-Vegetable Gardening: learn when to plant various vegetables, how to care for raised beds, container gardens, and more.

-pest management and fertilizer 

Come out and learn the ins and outs of setting up an organic vegetable garden for the fall/ winter season .

2. Compost workshop !!  $30

-will learn all about Composting and the benefits of it

-will build your own compost bucket that can be placed in your plant beds or in the ground

3.Herbs for Beginners! $25

-tour of my herb garden 

-all about herbs !! How to utilize herbs in the garden, kitchen and body. 

- go through my apothecary of herbs and explain how I use them daily . 

-prepare herbal tea blend for you to take home