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Blossom Woman Drops

Blossom Woman Drops

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2 oz 

Dosage : 1 dropper full,  1-2 times a day in your choice of liquid or under the tongue . 


Ingredients :Raspberry leaf, Nettle, Red clover  & vegetable glycerin


All ingredients are organic .

 Great for Balancing and protecting reproductive organs. Reduces Symptoms during period/ menopause


Hormone-sensitive conditions such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids: Red raspberry leaf might act like estrogen. If you have any condition that might be sensitive to estrogen, don't use red raspberry leaf.

Shelf Life : 1 year . Store in a dark , cool cabinet away from moisture 


Ages : 18 & up . 


If you are pregnant or nursing, please do not consume this product unless you consult with your healthcare provider first.

Herbs have been used safely and effectively since the beginning of time , but they are not regulated by the Food & Drug Administration.  Therefore by 
FDA regulations, Healing Hipster  is prohibited  from offering ANY medical advice regarding the use of my products.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have any serious medical condition please consult with your healthcare provider first . 



Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are temporarily suspending product returns on all products.

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